ACF Sanctioned Competition Categories

General Category Guidelines can be found in the complete ACF Competition Manual ( Events/Competitions on the site. This is just a brief listing of the Categories of the competitions. ACF Beehive State sponsored competitions are from the following categories and follow the guidelines, judging, and scoring described in the manual.

Category A – Cooking, Professional, Individual
Category A 1 – Cold platter of meat, beef, veal, lamb, pork
Category A 2 – Cold platter of fish and/or shellfish
Category A 3 – Cold platter of poultry
Category A 4 – Cold platter of game
Category A 5 – Cold Hors d’oeuvres selection, minimum of eight varieties served with garnishes and appropriate sauces
Category A 6 – Eight varieties of tapas or finger foods, hot or cold, or combination of hot and cold – must be presented cold
Category B – Cooking, Professional, Individual
Category B 1 – Six different cold appetizer plates
Category B 2 – Six different hot appetizer plates, presented cold
Category B 3 – One five-course menu for one person, prepared hot and presented cold
Category B 4 – One nine-course degustation tasting menu (a degustation menu is a fine-dining tasting menu)
Category C – Patisserie/Confectionery, Professional, Individual
Category C 1 – Single tier, decorated, celebration cake, sugar past, rolled fondant, royal icing,
chocolate, marzipan or sugar
Category C 2 – One buffet platter of fancy cookies, chocolates, or petit fours
Category C 3 – Six different individual hot or cold desserts, displayed cold
Category C 4 – Wedding cake
Category D – Showpieces, Professional Individual
Category E – Live Action Showpieces, Professional, Individual
Category E 1 – Fruit/Vegetable Carving Mystery Basket
Category E 2 – Cake Decoration
Category E 3 – Decorative Centerpiece
Category E 4 – Sugar Centerpiece
Category F – Hot Food Competition – A Professional Hot Food
Category F 1 – Mystery Basket, Professional, Individual
Category F 2 – Mystery Basket, Professional, Two Man Team
Category F 4 – Nutritional Hot Food Challenge
Category F 5 – Pastry Mystery Basket, Professional Individual
Category F 6 – Pastry Mystery Basket, Professional, Two Man Team
Category G – Edible Cold Food, Professional, Individual – Cold Buffet/Hors d’oeuvres, Pastry
Category H – Ice Carving, Professional
Category K – Practical and Contemporary Hot-Food Cooking, Professional, Individual
Category P – Practical and Contemporary patisserie, Professional, Individual
Category P 1 – Hot/Warm Dessert / Category P 2 – Composed Cold Dessert
Category W – Customized Wildcard Category – A variation from standard category formats